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Couldn’t agree with you more about dreary post-match interviews Annabel – you have all my sympathies re. your football mad husband. Mind you, at least your husband is in the same house as you – mine is currently up to his thighs in icy Scottish river water trying to hook a salmon. So, rather than be home alone, I took the opportunity to train it up to the Big Smoke for some ‘me time’. Aqua near Oxford Circus is a 5th floor restaurant with a roof terrace – well, actually there is a Spanish and a Japanese restaurant up there, and Amanda and I plumped for the latter. We ordered strawberry daquiris (as recommended by my nineteen year old) which were soooooo sweet we almost fainted with sugar overdose until, luckily, a clumsy waiter managed to knock both glasses over (so we didn’t have to pay for them, and even more importantly, didn’t have to drink them). What was scrumptious was the melt in the mouth seabass jalapeno sashimi and the yummy spinach rolls with toasted sesame sauce. The next morning, I was slightly groggy and exhausted (cannot sleep in the city any more, I need the total peace and darkness of the countryside to get a good night’s kip these days) when I hailed a taxi to go to the  V&A for the British Design exhibition (1948 – 2012) which I recommend wholeheartedly. It is really well thought out and covers the three themes of: tradition v modernity; the subversive (ie punk) and Britain’s leadership in design. The exhibits brought back many memories for me – the old pop videos with a young Brian Ferry (yum yum) and the androgenous Mr. Bowie (sat next to his wife Angie when I saw him in concert at Hammersmith Odeon); the film of Concorde (was lucky enough to zip across the Atlantic before it was decommissioned); Mary Quant dresses (well, I had the bob hairstyle – couldn’t afford her stuff when I was young); and the Mini (I used to drive one of those around town in my early twenties). What also impressed me was the fact that the 50s were as radical as the 60s in terms of new design. A must see – will be returning there soon for the ‘Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950. Can’t wait!

Bye for now, Grace x

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